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Hit The Ground Runnin' : A Short Biography

Hit The Ground Runnin' is a AOR/Rock group founded in 1985 in Delaware County Pennsylvania. Originally under the name Free Delivery; the original lineup consisted of Paul Piccari (Bass), Alan Augunas (Guitar), Bert Marks (Drums), Blair Rumsey (Vocals) Steve Coochi (Keyboards) and Rob Knauss (Keyboards).Jimmy Katone (Sanctuary, Escape) replaced Bert Marks in mid 1985 to round up the early lineup. The band with their own original material "Bad Reputation", "Rock N Roll Wrestling Connection", "Wam Bam Body Slam" and "Rockin' Again" won the WQIQ "Q Music Battle Competition" for a consecutive record of 15 times from June 24th to October 28th 1985. Jimmy Katone replaced Burt On Drums and Steve Coochi left in late 1985 and the band would resume as a quintet. In 1986 they were discovered by and introduced to Dan McKeown, a local Philadelphia entertainment TV and music producer, and founder of Power Up records worked with the band on some early material that would eventually translate to a production deal with Nise Productions and regular appearances on the show "Dancin' On Air" and "Dance Party USA" from 1986-1991. The band under a new name "Hit The Ground Runnin'" would get a release in 1989 on new BMG affiliated startup Autograph records entitled "Sudden Impact". The band also made a music video for the lead single "Over and Over". The band also performed at the 1989 Monterey Music Pop Festival with Jeff Healey, Billy Preston and War. . A second release slated for 1991 was shelved and eventually released in 2000 under Smash Records. A third release entitled HGR was released in 2007. Hit The Ground Runnin' has opened up for Blue Oyster Cult, Donny Osmond, Gorky Park, Cinderella, Aldo Nova, Blue Murder, Gorky Park, Britny Fox, Brickln, and Heaven's Edge.

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